Don’t play roulette without me,

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Many years ago, one of my friends, an experienced roulette player, asked me to go to a casino with him to see if I could develop any game method that would make win relatively safely. He knew, that I was writing a book about the slot machines. I studied deeply some permanent number of a casino and experimented with a roulette wheel. The result of my Weeks long and relative expensive study and experiments is as an ebook to buy. I would like to invite you to give your attention to the following information before you play roulette!

What is roulette?

What do you think how high your winning probability at roulette is if you set for example on zero? Is your answer one to thirty-seven 1/37?

Then I have to tell you that your answer is wrong! If you look more closely at the physical/ mechanical conditions of the roulette wheel then you will find that roulette is not a real random number generator! – The probability calculation is not the right way to calculate win chances for the roulette conditions because of the following reasons: First, we have to know what coincidence is! Coincidence is an event where the results are: -Unpredictable -Not repeatable -Not controllable.  Lotto and Bingo, for example, are pure and fair gambling. If for the raffle, a physical random generator is used consisting of a rotatable container in which there are numerous physically identical balls (number representatives), which are thrown back and forth in the “three-dimensional” space during the draw, then the drawn number is a pure coincidence! 1


 A precise calculation of the position and movement of a ball during the event is absolutely impossible!

The probability that a ball with the number 49 falls out of the container is just as likely as that of any other ball, i.e. one to 49 (lotto numbers). Here we can only estimate the probability: 1 to 49 or 1/49   by Lotto –  1 to 100 or 1/100 by Bingo. 8

Why the roulette wheel is not a real random number generator!

1- The numbers have a fixed distance from each other 2- They move in a certain direction 3- The rotation speed of the roulette wheel is measurable. – Therefore, the position of each number in the time unit of a game is quite predictable! 4- The ball moves along a two-dimensional path. 5- The direction of the ball is unambiguous and the speed is measurable. -Therefore, the landing point of the ball is predictable!

This means the roulette wheel is not a real random number generator and the roulette is not a coincidence!

 Roulette would be fair gambling if, instead of the Roulette wheel, a real random number generator like in Lotto and Bingo were used!

Then the probability for all thirty-seven numbers: 1/37 would be one to thirty-seven!

 Roulette has a “cheating” appearance!

The misguided idea of roulette leads to a false and easy-going gameplay, which is one of two main reasons why many multi-millionaires become “dishwashers” every day! The second possible reason is the croupier! Croupiers are selected among certain people. They have to be very skilled. They are not only able to calculate the table quickly, but they can also let the ball land on a selected number or keep it from landing on a certain number or pocket! The correct winning probability calculation at a roulette game: Probable and unlikely numbers: The probability calculation for a certain number is only relevant when the ball is running! This means that as soon as the ball is thrown into the wheel, one should be able to calculate the end position of the ball within a few seconds. (Only at this moment can one speak of a win calculation!) The numbers in the range of the end position of the ball have a much higher profit chance than 1:37 and depending on the distance to the calculated end position of the ball, the other numbers belong to the less probable or to the unlikely numbers! The calculated end position numbers belong to the “winning numbers“! To calculate the final position of the ball correctly, and, consequently, to estimate the winning numbers, is not exactly easy. Besides, in most cases, the final position of the ball is predetermined by the Croupier! A short demonstration:

The ball is in the landing position.

The correct assessment in this example would be: The unlikely numbers 7, 31, 12, … in the clockwise direction to 24. The probable numbers from 11 in the direction counterclockwise to 16. The winning numbers could be one of these: 24, 33, 16 and 1. So we should have bet on these numbers shortly (very few seconds) after the release of the ball. Now you know why you should, under no circumstances, “play the game” before the ball has been thrown in the wheel! Conclusion: You have no chance to win if you rely on coincidence by playing roulette, even if you are a billionaire! You can experiment yourself and use different methods to find out which game strategy you can use to successfully play roulette. But that can cost you several thousand dollars. I strongly recommend you either avoid this games or read my ebooks first. Protect your money and avoid losing roulette forever with Losses back-Team-Strategy! You will be enthusiastic and also convinced!

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